Victorian Music Study

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Designer's Notes:
When I design a room for a showhouse I always imagine people living in the space so I create a story to go with the room. I guess it is my way of breathing life into what would have been just a room full of furniture.

After all, it is people who are the greatest "accessories" to a room. Real lives functioning in real space. My story makes me feel passionate about the room I am doing.

She walked into the foyer anticipating her plans for the afternoon. Nothing was more important to her than her music. She ascended the staircase and looked forward to spending time writing her music in the second floor study. It was her favorite room. The flower of passion, the rose, was her favorite flower and the namesake of her great aunt who once worked for the composer Puccini. This was the inspiration for the room.

Each time she entered she was reminded of the memory of her beloved aunt who ignited her passion for music and poetry. The Victorian inspired custom wool rug was strewn with roses in delicious colors of gold, chartreuse, spring greens, crimson reds and pinks. The silk taffeta draperies tied back in silk roses was yet another reminder of her aunt taking her to her first ball. The sumptuous velvet chairs were her favorite place to sit and have her afternoon tea, a passion cultivated by her aunt. As she raised her violin to her chin, she stared into the mirror and began to play for herself and the memories of her beloved aunt.