Traditional Townhome

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I was thrilled to see the beautiful antique collection this client had for me to incorporate into the design of this home. The client had a specific color palette in mind from the onset, which became a very important factor in integrating the various new and old furniture pieces. It was the antique painting in the foyer that inspired the black and brown color combination. Corals and greens were added for contrast. Much attention was paid to the drapery.

The great room's enormous elliptical shaped window with taffeta side panels and Austrian shades give a European flair, while the kitchen drapery reflects the homeowner's passion for gardening. The ruched cornice in the dining room repeats the elliptical shape of the chairs, which are a tortoiseshell finish mirroring a faux finish on the ceiling. Elegant sophistication with an inviting warmth was the overall design goal. Attention to detail was how we successfully achieved it.