Tuscan Venetian Dining Room

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This award-winning showroom (featured in Design Times Magazine and Chicago Tribune) was easy for me to imagine since I used my own Italian heritage for a springboard. Wonderful conversation and good food has long been the focal point of my family. Since I was a little girl I have always enjoyed table settings. With this in mind, I set an inviting table using some glass mosaic accessories, quilted silk table runner along with mother's favorite menu displayed on a sideboard.

The project first began with a piece of Fortuny patterned lace that was used for sheers on the window and then pressed into plaster walls and burnished to a brilliant copper finish. I anchored the room with an oversized mirror opposite a similar size painting sa as to create a vista and add dimension to the room. Colors of copper, terracotta, plum and gold were used throughout, including the stain in the faux marquetry floor. The elliptical arched dining chairs done in leather and silk repeat the arch of the window. The scavo glass chandelier was custom as well as the host and hostess chairs. My greatest wish is whom ever dines in this room will have a difficult time leaving the table.